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Our Story

Our salad dressing was born in Denmark—the happiest country in the world! It was first created in Copenhagen three generations ago by the late Alice, Adam's grandmother, where the dressing gets its name: “Farmor”, or Grandmother in Danish. The basic oil-mustard vinaigrette recipe has slowly evolved. Alice's daughter spiced it up and brought the recipe across the Atlantic. Since its Danish inception, it has also fed families and friends in countries like India, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Friends of Adam and Alex encouraged them to share our recipe with the community, so here we are today! 


Our Ingredients

Let’s face it, isn’t a big reason why we all eat salad to be healthy? At Farmor’s Dressing, our goal is to add tasty and nutritional value to your meal. We use just seven high quality ingredients that are all recognizable. No additives, stabilizers, or unpronounceable words. Most of the ingredients are certified organic and the olive oil is locally sourced from California. Our dressing uses heart-healthy oils and adds nutritional benefits to every salad or condiment.

Be sure to check out some of our tried and true recipes.

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About Us

A Bay Area born couple, Alex Gray, a nurse practitioner and Adam Gray, an educator, are the founders of Farmor's Dressing. We live with our children in the Bay Area, California and strive to live as happily as the Danes every day. Over the years Adam has prepared his grandmother’s recipe for his family to enjoy alongside Alex’s elegant and wholesome salads - see our recipe page for inspiration! Our dream is to provide this delicious dressing to individuals and families who want to enhance their salad and veggie intake and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

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